Postlude on EASTER HYMN (Christ the Lord is Risen Today)



This is a re-arrangement of an arrangement by Richard Brown of EASTER HYMN or Christ the Lord is Risen Today (also known by the tune name LYRA DAVIDICA), originally written for someone called Sharron Lyon. The original has been described as an “Easy piece, but works. Toe-tapper.” It works well as a recessional to be played at the conclusion of Easter services.

I don’t know the history of this arrangement, but suspect Mr. Brown had intentionally written it to be very easy for the person he dedicated it to. Indeed, mosts organists even of modest skills would likely be able to perform it with little practice beforehand. My version remains very close and true to the original, but aims to make it a bit more musical with the addition of more contrary motion, thicker/color chords, and a more interesting pedal part (including an exciting pedal glissando), all of which correspondingly move it a bit more toward intermediate in terms of skill level (but still fairly easy).

Postlude on Christ the Lord


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