Lord, I Would Follow Thee

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Here’s a modulation up a half step. You might play this before the last verse, for example, to make your hymn singing a bit more interesting. You’ll definitely want to coordinate with the music director before attempting a key change in a congregational hymn, but this modulation should lead everyone right where you want them to go. If you need a copy of this (or any) hymn in any key, you can use the hymn player on lds.org. Select the new key, and choose print. (Since this is a bit of a pain, I have included the copy in E-flat here as a separate download that will appear when you complete your order).

Lord I Would modulation

2 reviews for Lord, I Would Follow Thee

  1. Rebecca Meng

    Chad, I know it’s quite simple, but what you’ve done here is so helpful! I recently used this interlude/modulation and the E-flat verse you provided. Again, I know it’s quite straightforward, but a member of the congregation acted like that key change was the coolest thing in the world! She said she felt like our music was beautiful that day and wished so much we could have more interesting music. It was such a fun day! I did add a little harmonization to the E-flat 4th verse (if I get motivated, I will share!), but I’m so grateful for this template you provided to get my creative juices flowing and to enhance the worship in our ward! Soli Deo Gloria, as they say in the American Guild of Organists!

  2. Landon Durrant

    At the last minute, and because of the way todays meeting went. The bishop decided to change the closing hymn to Lord, I Would Follow Thee. Right before he sat down he asked if I could do something to brighten the hymn up. Since it was my last Sunday playing and thankfully I had this arrangement in my binder. I didn’t hesitate to give it a try, this was the first time Ive tried key change in a sacrament meeting. I gave the music director a heads up and in the words of J.B. Worthlin, “come what may and love it”. It was truely an amazing way to end a testimony meeting with a spirit that I hadnt felt in ages. Once again, Thank you Chad for sharing your hymn arrangement and testimony in music.

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