For the Beauty of the Earth

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Here is another one of the arrangements I wrote for easy ward choir. Unfortunately, when I first learned of this site it was already too late to post this for American choirs to use in time for Thanksgiving in November, but this song certainly doesn’t have to appear on your program only at Thanksgiving time.

This setting also features voice parts that are right out of the hymnal, though there are areas where the men sing the soprano and alto parts. The (organ) trumpet fanfare throughout makes for a festive mood in this joyful piece. Despite the key change, a resourceful choir director could teach the choir this piece using only the hymnal, if required. Two people seated at the organ are necessary to pull this one off. Like God Loved Us, So He Sent His Son the 3-4 hand organ accompaniment very effectively hides the fact that the voice parts are unchnaged from the hymnal. I hope you will enjoy it! If you use one of my pieces, I’d love to hear what the occasion was, and how it went!

Please note: in the recording, the voice parts are not heard. Only the organ accompaniment is heard.

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3 reviews for For the Beauty of the Earth

  1. sieber.wanda

    Wow. I love this!

  2. Barbara

    Our ward had just divided and I when I was called as choir director I didn’t know how things would be with a smaller congregation/choir. I chose this arrangement for Thanksgiving with only a few rehearsals, and the choir (with many new singers) did so well and felt successful. It’s simple and repetitive, but not monotonously so. It sounds hard-ish, but isn’t, and the organ covers a multitude of “whatever the choir ain’t got but needs covered to sound respectable” — my favorite kind of Sunday-only-singer arrangements. The congregation loved it.

  3. Christine Partna (verified owner)

    This is so exciting! I am so glad to have found it. It’s going on the list for our first choir song, whenever we get to sing again, which is who knows when, but what a great event to look forward to. I can’t stop listening to it.

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