Away in a Manger



A friend on the LDS organist’s chat group on Facebook was looking for a nice last verse for Away in a Manger. Not remembering that I had already written one three years ago (but never published it), I mentioned that maybe I would see if I could channel my inner Dale Wood in the next couple of days and come up with something gorgeous. As I was heading down to the organ to begin noodling, I was struck with the thought that I had already written one and forgotten about it. A quick search of my hard drive yielded just what I was looking for—what was intended at the time to be one of a collection of last verse settings on Christmas tunes. (I’ll get around to that someday!)

I hope you will enjoy this beautifully warm setting of a timeless classic in a style inspired by the great Dale Wood. Use this as a last verse accompanying congregational singing. It could also be played as a prelude or postlude, though short. You might consider improvising on the tune using this re-harmonization as a framework to build upon.

STATEN Away in a Manger Last Verse


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