I Believe in Christ (introduction/interlude)

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The hymnal unfortunately doesn’t have room for purpose-written introductions. I’ve never really been a fan of the bracketed introduction to I Believe in Christ, which is on the program as a congregational hymn for Stake Conference tomorrow. Wanting something a little special, I penned the attached file yesterday. I hope you will get some enjoyment out of it. Special thanks to John Longhurst (composer of the hymn tune WHITE CITY) for his input on this little project.

Note that you could also use it as an interlude between verses (for example 2 & 3). Instead of playing the last chord (last measure) in the verse, just launch right away into this interlude.

I Believe in Christ - Intro and Interlude

2 reviews for I Believe in Christ (introduction/interlude)

  1. Samuel Call (verified owner)

    I haven’t used it as a interlude yet, but it gets the attention of everyone as the introduction. It’s surprising how just a little change can create enthusiasm to sing. In my excitement, I played the intro then looked over to see that my hymn book was still on the intermediate hymn. It became a lovely a Cappella rendition till I finally found the page but I felt like it took the hymn to a whole new level.

  2. Reagan Reese

    This is the one hymn I can never sing because I start to cry! I agree that this hymn need a proper introduction, and Chad sure composed a fantastic one.

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