About Chad Staten (Staten rhymes with Dayton)

Chad Staten

My formal music training started with the violin during third grade in Logan, UT. At about eight years old, I sang in a children’s choir at the Logan Tabernacle. Seated between the organ pipes and the console, I could feel the music pressing on my chest as the organist played. This first meaningful encounter with the organ deeply impressed me, and cemented in my mind a desire to play it. When my mother took me with her to a fabric store as a child, I would immediately head to the multi-tiered display and “play” the thread like an organ.

After my family moved to Beeville, a small town 60 miles from anywhere in south Texas during fifth grade, I switched to the piano because there were no orchestra resources in town. During high school, I finally began organ lessons while continuing with the piano. Shortly thereafter, I was called to be a ward organist and choir accompanist (and have served in those positions almost continuously ever since).

After graduation, I continued my organ studies at Brigham Young University, working with excellent teachers including Richard Elliott, Doug Bush, and Brett Zumsteg on the organ. I also learned about theatre organ music and got my first taste of caring for pipe organs under the tutelage of Mike Ohman. I’m a huge fan of Early Music, and played harpsichord and other instruments in the Early Music Ensemble under the direction of Doug Bush.

I currently serve as one of the Guest Organists on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. I love to compose, particularly for choir and organ. To support my music activities, I work as a pilot for Delta Air Lines. Like Bach, I enjoy playing many different pipe organs at various destinations in the country. Unlike Bach, I don’t have to walk days, or even weeks to get there!

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