Ye Elders of Israel

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Let’s be honest — Ye Elders of Israel, musically, is tedious. When this was put on the program for the Priesthood session of stake conference, I set about making it less tedious. Tabernacle Organist emeritus John Longhurst assisted with the editing and suggested the lower starting key to avoid making it too high after the key change.

When I sent the attached recording to my friend Ken Udy, he said “Wow! It’s a whole different song. It’s be cathedral-ized!” I think you’ll agree when you hear the attached recording (which starts at the second ending — you already know what the original sounds like). The men tend to sing out when there are no women around. Give them good support on the organ as you transition into the new key and free accompaniment. Prep them in advance for better participation when things begin to change. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

STATEN Ye Elders of Israel - Transposed w Last Verse

2 reviews for Ye Elders of Israel

  1. Samuel Call (verified owner)

    This one is by far my favorite. It’s even better when you ask everyone to sing the final verse in unison. I use it on the piano for Priesthood meeting fairly frequently, it’s our favorite to sing. If you start at the key change it makes a awesome postlude. It adds so much to any meeting. It truly invites the spirit and invites those who generally don’t sing to join in. I bring it with me anytime and anywhere I play.

  2. Reagan Reese

    Once I heard that recording, I immediately got chills! I have played this hymn before thinking that it was really repetitive. Chad has solved that problem for me! I am very excited to use this the next time I play it!

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