About My Music

Much (though not all) of the music on this site is provided absolutely free of charge. Some people think ‘free’ music isn’t worth anything, but I view sharing this music as part of consecrating my time and talents. Running this website is not free, so your support with an occasional purchase helps to “keep the lights on,” and is much appreciated! If you would like to express your appreciation financially, your donation (no matter how small) is greatly appreciated! Just click the ‘Donate’ button below to send your contribution. Thank you!

Please note: Even the ‘free’ items must be added to your cart. When you check out, you will of course not be charged anything. A download link will be sent by email so you can retrieve the PDFs.

Also, the item counter is only for purchasing multiple licenses of an item (for multiple performers, eg. choirs). You do not need to add more than one copy of a free item to your cart.