How Great is Our Lord (original hymn)


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This is an original hymn tune I wrote a few years ago with a text supplied by Robb Smith.

For the hymn version, Qtr = 80 is probably about “cathedral speed” and fits the character of this hymn tune and text. (Note that the anthem version of this song starts out with Qtr = 88, but has several tempo changes.) Sing the hymn as slowly as you need to without it feeling draggy in the sadly dry acoustic environment of most LDS buildings. An mp3 with a “Verse 6” registration is included so you can hear how it sounds.

Click HERE for a video play-through of the anthem score. I apologize for the fake organ and voice in the video, but I don’t have the resources to make a good live recording. The video should approximate a live performance well enough for you to get an idea of how it is meant to be done. The organ part is pretty easy, and (unusual for my stuff) does not require a second person at the organ (unless you don’t have a soprano who can sing the descant at the end, in which case you should have someone play it on the other manual on the organ on the most English-Tuba-sounding 8′ reed you have).

Both the hymn setting and the choral anthem are very English in their tonal structure and style, which was my original goal in writing this. You’ll have to get permission from your presiding authority to use this in meetings since it’s not included in church publications, but there are no doctrinal problems.

How Great is Our Lord - Full Score


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