How Great is Our Lord (anthem)


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This stirring anthem sets a text by Robb Smith to my original tune, which fulfilled my personal goal to write something “English.” If you were thinking about doing How Great Thou Art, consider this anthem instead and introduce something fresh and different to your congregation. You’ll have to get permission from your presiding authority to use this in LDS meetings since it’s not included in church publications, but there are no doctrinal problems.

To hear it, click play below the manuscript (organ simulates voices). Or scroll down for a video play-through of the score. I apologize for the simulated organ and voices in the video. Still, the video should give you a decent idea of how it is meant to be done. The organ part is pretty easy, and does not require a second person at the organ (if you don’t have a soprano who can sing the descant at the end, in you may have someone play it on the other manual on the organ using the biggest 8′ reed you have).

ANTHEM How Great is Our Lord


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