The Frankenorgel

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The Frankenorgel downloadable essay (PDF)

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At home, I have a four-manual practice organ running Hauptwerk (organ emulation software) that I call The Frankenorgel. I pieced it together out of two early 1970s vintage electronic organs. This essay tells the fascinating story of how The Frankenorgel came into being. Designed to allow non-organists equal enjoyment in reading, it is heavily footnoted so that even readers who know almost nothing about organs will still find it an interesting read. It is especially targeted at anyone who might be considering obtaining a Hauptwerk organ of their own. Please enjoy this free download, and share it with as many people as you like! One of these days, I’m going to add more photos, but that’s a low-priority project right now.

The Frankenorgel

1 review for The Frankenorgel

  1. Samuel Call (verified owner)

    Very interesting read. I would never have thought to combine two old chapel organs together like that. Mr. Stefanussen has a youtube channel I enjoy watching where he plays his digital organ. Yours has more character and, in my opinion, a cooler look than his. I’d like to do this too someday.

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