Filing out the Blemishes


The current Bishopric had forgotten how much I enjoy speaking in church. (I really do!) When I was asked to speak on May 19, 2024, I readily accepted. This is my address in essay format for you to read if you like.



Filing out the Blemishes

This talk is based on “applying our hearts to understanding,“ as taught by Abinadi in Mosiah 12.

One of the principles most important to our testimony of the foundational truths of the gospel is understanding with the heart. When wicked King Noah had him dragged before his priests for questioning, Abinadi withstood all their questions and confounded them. In their efforts to trip him up in his speaking, the priests asked him to explain a passage of scripture, saying “What meaneth the words which are written, and which have been taught by our fathers?”

2024MAY19 Filing Out the Blemishes


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