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Do What is Right



Yes, I know it’s been rather a long time since I put anything new on this site. Rather than making me more creative and constructive with my time, all this covid crap has frustrated me. There are no choirs… Nobody to sing my music… I haven’t touched anything choral, thinking (at least subconsciously) “what’s the point?” But people are starting to go to church again. We hope there’s at least some Orgeling going on! This is a free gift to all. I hope you and your congregation will enjoy it.

This hymn was programmed for our Sacrament Services yesterday. Giving it two stars is, perhaps, a bit generous on my part. I really don’t care for hymns with the same three chords over and over again. This Last Verse setting is transformative. It transforms a 2-star hymn into a 4+ star hymn–one that I will be happy to play again!


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