Michael Young Collection: There is No Place So Far Away

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Michael Young Collection: There is No Place So Far Away

This anthem won a Special Recognition in the 2018 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints music contest. It features a beautiful text by Tabernacle Choir member, Michael Young, that speaks of the Savior’s ability to reach us where we are, set to my own original tune. Being a professed organ snob, I have only composed an organ accompaniment for it to date. If there is sufficient demand for it (let me know!) I will spend some time writing a piano accompaniment.

I regret that I do not have a high-quality recording of this anthem! We’ll have to make do with the Sibelius Singers (audio output from my music engraving software, featuring choral “ahhhs” and a lifeless “organ”), but it should give you a fair idea how it will sound with a real group of singers.

ANTHEM There is No Place So Far Away - Full Score



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