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A few days ago I was asked if I had a free accompaniment for Called to Serve. I didn’t, but wrote this one down that afternoon. It is intended as an organ accompaniment, and gives some dignity to a hymn tune that is otherwise not my favorite. In its hymnal embodiment, I think it’s fine for firesides, conferences, priesthood meetings, etc., but the original has too much of a “campfire” feeling to me for use in Sacrament Meeting. In that setting, you might consider using this arrangement for both verses. (Imperfect recording is from a slightly earlier version for now…)

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3 reviews for Called to Serve

  1. chadstaten

    This is so fun. Just enough new stuff in the chord progressions, etc. to make it fresh and interesting without taking anything away from the traditional facets of the song. You are so gifted!! I need to schedule this song for singing soon in our ward, just so we can throw this into the mix on the final chorus. That’ll wake everyone up I bet!! 😀
    5.0 stars.

  2. Samuel Call (verified owner)

    I was a little worried about using this at first. I wasn’t sure how the congregation would handle the embellishment. When I play the fanfare into the second verse, I find it helpful to go ahead and start the pedal point on the G so it’s not as much of a surprise. It’s amazing the lift this provides to the song. The reharmonization, especially in the pedals, makes everyone sit up a little straighter and sing a little louder. By the end I’m usually moving the organ to full volume to match the congregation. It’s an excellent addition to any sacrament meeting or fireside, and it’s a very stirring postlude. I can’t play it without chills all over my body as the spirit intensifies in the meeting. My ward loves it. The first week I played it there was a line behind the console after the closing prayer. Even after church I still hear chatter about it in the hallways. It’s amazing how a little lift can touch so many people!

  3. Landon Durrant

    Hymn arrangements such as this one I find that the congregation will sing with more spirit and energy since most of them sing the melody line. Its always nice to be able to spice up the march songs in the hymn book

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