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01 SCORE As I Search the Holy Scriptures


When I wrote this choir selection, our Stake Conference was coming up in a couple of weeks. The theme of the meeting was to be “Likening the scriptures unto ourselves.” I decided to use this opportunity as a “commission,” and began considering texts that would fit the theme. I decided on As I Search the Holy Scriptures. I had initially intended to do an arrangment, but due to the very compact nature of the hymn tune by Marianne Fisher, I decided to write my own original music. As such, it is not truly an “arrangement,” but I have posted it that way for clarity. The brevity was still a challenge, but I managed to get the performance time up to about 2:40, provided it is performed with some freedom of tempo in spots.

Because we were so short on time, (i.e. very little time to rehearse), I left out the men and wrote it only for SSA. The close 3-part harmony is not easy, and should generally only ever be taken on by singers with sufficient formal musical training. Alternatively, it sounds very nice as a solo. As is my custom, I wrote this for organ accompaniment with a solo line played by a second person on the organ. To hear a demo of that, click on the MP3 Link. In this case, the solo is easy (other than some tricky ties), and could be played by anyone with piano background. I didn’t specify any organ registration. In the recording, the solo organ line changes registration, but the (main) accompaniment maintains the same mp registration throughout.


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